Intra is part of a project that was meant to challenge designers on many levels of design; product, print, web, and marketing. Not only were we responsible to come up with an idea for a feasible mass-produced product, we were also tasked to create and establish the brand surrounding the product.

Intra is a company that creates customizable bags to hold equipment many creatives use, such as laptops, tablets, lenses, and camera bodies. It intends to become a happy balance between both form, and function. Starting at the bare bones, without any knowledge of how to sew, a custom pattern for such a bag was developed and sewn. The result is the Intra Messenger Bag.

Following the product, the Intra brand flourished in it’s identity through a brand standards guideline, soundtrack, and responsive website. The brand standards guideline outlines the creative process, throughly researches the market and competition, as well as outlines the brand standards involving design, social media, future expansion, and the heavy focus on personality and environmental concern.


Canon 70D
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Sewing Machine
Textiles & Leather
Grandma’s Knowledge

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