Hi – my name is Allison, and I’m a photographer, graphic designer, and artist.

I’ve been interested in all things visual since I was a little girl. I spent many summers inside the basement teaching myself photography, photoshop, and creating design projects for myself. Photography grew from a hobby to a passion in high school and I soon found myself behind the camera for portraits, weddings, and events. After high school I completed two degrees in both Graphic Design and Advanced Graphic Design through Red River college. This 3-year journey opened my eyes to so many interesting people and experiences in Winnipeg.

Since then, I’ve been working a combination of freelance photography and design while maintaining a stable full time job. I am a very hard worker and when I don’t have projects to work on, I create or collaborate to improve, learn, or sharpen my current skills. I love meeting other creative people in Winnipeg.

I currently am open for commissions and projects, as well as full-time design employment.

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