When I was younger, I used to write pages, turned to books, turned to volumes, of my thoughts and (mostly) mundane transition into adulthood. As my life got substantially more interesting, my interest faded away from writing and I eventually stopped all together. Here I am, 10 years later, trying to start again. (I’ll spare you the sparkly gel pens and dog-themed, dog-eared pages this time.) There are a multitude of things I could write about. A quirky get-to-know me, a synopsis of the last few years of my life up until now, a photo essay. But that is not what I’m here to do. I want to dive head in, like those war movies that take the viewer on a journey, starting up close, and pulling out through the plot to expose the bigger picture.

Lately, my life has gone what feels like hyper-drive into something new, scary, and exciting. Thankfully, I am not doing it alone. Tyler and I have gone through a lot, and always come out on the other side. We’ve seen friendships end and friendships blossom, had jobs, left jobs, been promoted, been demoted, and gone to school, moved in together, and most recently, made the decision to become home owners. Many people, those who know us, and those who don’t, have questioned our resolve, our capability to succeed. The recurring opinions usually fall in the spectrum of “isn’t this a little fast?” or “are you sure you’re ready for this?”. Some comments even come from family, which is a tad disheartening.

When is the right time? Why wait for a miscellaneous collective of people with separate opinions to certify that your progression in life is “on the right track”? Why stagnate our growth to fall within the approval of others?

As much as I would love people to stop second-guessing us, I know that is not a reality that will ever happen. There will always be people who think they know better for your life than you do. In the end, I completely expect to fail. I expect to fail a LOT. But I would rather learn from my mistakes, than let the advice of others prevent me from making any of my own in the first place. Many people in their early 20’s like myself and Tyler, have this instilled fear of “adulting”, so much so that it has become a joke. This fear of rejection has evolved into the fear of failure. Maybe this blog will end up chronicling all of MY failures. Maybe it will end up inspiring someone to fail at something, until they can finally succeed at it. OR, maybe this will just turn into the ramblings of a stressed-out 20 something.

Only time will tell.